about - concept

ORCHIDS is devoted to developing art of gold foil and upgrading image of gold. We are a leading company of 24K gold foil products and have experienced in processing gold for 40 years.
We do OEM/ODM for famous jewelry companies and various well-known international brands. ORCHIDS is the sole gold-foil manufacturer approved by international SGS and ISO 9001:2000 in Taiwan.

禾莊國際開發致力於金箔藝品之開發與黃金印象的昇華,我們延續 40 餘年黃金製作的技巧和創新 10 餘年的金箔加工技術、擁有獨立的工作空間和年輕的設計團隊,並堅持 100% 在台灣生產。也是台灣唯一擁有國際 SGS 認證通過 ISO 9001:2000 黃金金箔加工廠,和唯一在 20 多國世界級珠寶展中展出金箔藝術產品的公司。